Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rick is here !

Rick arrived about a week ago, and what a joy to have him back! It's been over a year since his last visit, and considering he has been coming (almost) annualy since 1995... it was about time! He has already half filled the cooler, so he has not wasted any time! The Jackals have also had a knock in their numbers... which is good!
We are still very short on rain, and have noticed the change in the season. Already in late March, many of the leaves have turned, or fallen, and the chill in the air has announced the arrival of "autumn"... and fast approaching winter.
Micaela is home from Merensky for her Easter holiday, so it is really lovely having her home again!
Mom is doing really well after her operation, and we are all very proud of her. The healing does take time, and she is doing better than I remember her doing after her last operation in 2011.
Our little squirrel is called Murdock... he has survived really well so far, and has discovered how to find his way throughout the house! He just loves to cuddle and would far rather be tucked in bed with us, than in his own bed, so he is quite sneaky at bed time!
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Big hugs from us all here in Bandolierkop!

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