Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Open Season!

Well, hello again!  I have not forgotten about you all, but have been rather challenged to put my fingers into gear! Sorry. We had Rick here for three weeks – and boy oh boy did he do some serious disciplining of the gnus, impala and jackals. You see – some of them insist in pooping in the roads! Well that is the excuse anyway…  In the three weeks, he bagged 32 animals, and virtually all of them were one shot kills… only one gnu needed a second shot! He really is quite the marksman! It is always sad to say goodbye, but hopefully we will have the pleasure of his company again later in the year!
He spent loads of time, teaching me how to do all of the “cross-fit” exercises. He makes an outstanding coach, and I am now thoroughly convinced that this is really a phenomenal way to exercise and start each day. Quick and effective work outs, and I have seen such amazing improvements in my own strength and flexibility, I intend to continue as long as possible! Well done Rick!
JohnD has bought himself a new “pre-loved” mountain bike - inspired by the Munnik Meercat Mountain Bike challenge held just up the road mid March. He loved it! Borrowed a bike from the Ivy's, and came home determined to buy his own. The ones he has been riding are not as user-friendly or comfortable as the one he now has! Micaela has also bought herself a new “also pre-loved” phone – thanks Herman!!! Her previous phone just couldn’t handle being dropped so much! She got her very first report last week from her first term, and her overall average was 69.5% for all of her subjects. We are so proud of her… that is with being absent from school for three weeks, as well as the huge adjustment from home schooling to public boarding school.  Well done our "Scallywags"!!!
I have hopefully got myself a new “in training” cook. My cook (Augustina) for the past 10 years has a very ill mother, and she has opted to stay home and care for her. This leaves me rather tied up, with having to train and spend LOTS more time in the kitchen, BUT that is not a bad thing. Over time – all systems need to be adjusted and improved, and my systems are no different.
My sister Jenny, visited from Zim last weekend with her family! So lovely to see them all again. The two boys (JohnD + Michael) completely wore out Monopoly, which was fun. I remember the Monopoly marathons when we were growing up! Kyra is growing up so fast, and is such a beauty.
We have Terry and Jo arriving tomorrow for the long weekend, and we currently have Matthew Greef in camp with his guest… so it has been pretty busy. They are bow hunting, and have bagged two nice animals in just two days, so that is great! Nicol and Karia will come through on Thursday with their two boys, so we will finally get to meet young Wynand!
Hope you and yours are all well, happy, healthy and keeping out of mischief! ;)
Big Hugs from us in this dry and rain deprived part of the bush xxx

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