Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Ken! :)

I am sorry that I have not made time to update this till now. We had a busy week last week, and with my Mum visiting from the USA, we spent most of our time at the lodge, cooking! :) Ken celebrated his birthday, and we got him a new camera that is hopefully going to make up for the lack of photos recently! 
We have just loved having Ed Lowndes back here again, and this time with Brian. We did lots of story telling, and lots of laughing! Thank you Ed! We miss you already!
A recent picture of Micaela
 and JohnD
and let me introduce you to " Snip" - the newest member of our family. This pretty little girl was a gift for Ken, from Wighardt - Ken's friend from Merensky High School days!
Just awesome to have Ed Lowndes (left) back again, and this time with Brian :)  We laughed a lot this week. Happy birthday for Ed too for the 2nd July... and of course Happy 4th of July to you all in the USA.
JohnD and little Snippy playing on the grass at the lodge.  Oh it is great to have another little puppy around. Look out socks and shoes... don't be left lying around!
JohnD guided Brian on this gnu. They both had a lot of fun, and JohnD was mighty chuffed to be a part of it.  The elusive gnu has yet to present JohnD with an opportunity, but I guess it's just a matter of time till he get's his own one!
Big hugs till next time! :) Love Jo

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