Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Look who we spotted.....

On the 4kruip trail camera on the 10th of June!  :)  Seems he has been around there a lot lately... hope s/he stays away from our cattle! ;)

Winter has gripped us all, and by golly gosh is it chilly.  Thank goodness for the sunny days.
The kids have just two days of school left and then they have their winter school holidays for three weeks. We simply can't wait for Mom and Dad's arrival from Aus.... Ken will be collecting Mom from Joburg with Ed Lowndes and Brian. (They will be with us for a week. Ed hunted here two years ago, so it's gonna be lekker to welcome him back!) Mom will spend a week with us and then head to see Aunty May (Mom's sister) in East London while Dad is in Sudan.

Keep warm, and write when you can! We love hearing from you! Love from us all xxx

1 comment:

  1. ah my beloved Jo,
    miss you so much!
    you're inspiring me to start my own blog too ;)
    love you,
    thanks for the pic,
    Claire x