Saturday, July 13, 2013

Photo Shoot in the bush!

Micaela and two of her girl friends had some fun this school holiday taking photos here in the bush. I was designated the photographer, and I have to admit I was quite tickled with some of the pictures!
This is Micaela and Alicia Prinsloo - a friend of hers from Merensky. They are in the same grade, they are both in the Agri Merensky Club together, and are busy doing this year's Tritech project together. Alicia visited us for a week, and she was an absolutely delightful young lady to have in our home. The taught us how to make "tamalekies".... a very sticky boiled toffee like sweet that is quite moreish, and will certainly remove any loose fillings you may have!

 This is Micaela with Bianca Spies. They have been friends since they were both in Kindergarden, and she is like a second daughter to me. Just adore her!
 In the Cattle Craal....
 The Reservoir.....

 Playing on the railway line and also on the windmill behind our home!
 Talk about a lot of energy....  I don't know who was more tired... them or me!

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