Saturday, July 13, 2013

Volunteer farm work

David Hendrix is visiting with us for his summer, between his graduation from High School, and starting his studies.  He hunted with us last year, with his family from Charleston, and two years prior to that too. It is such a joy having him here, and he is like a son in our home.  Marilyn and Grady, you have much to be proud of!  He has been doing quite a lot of hunting, with the various groups of local hunters that we have had over the past number of weekends.   He has got to know the farm very quickly, and it is great to have an extra pair of willing and able hands around.
I really should have a photo of David hard at work in the cattle craal, but I don't have one! I do have this one.... he has systematically THRASHED JohnD, Micaela AND Kenneth at Speed... he has obviously had many more hours playing this game than all of us combined.  Micaela had some fun doing his hair, while he was engaged in battle with JohnD. It appears that once you start a race, little will take your attention away from the goal of winning!

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