Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Familiar Faces, and Cherished Friends

Home sweet home. YES! It is very good to be home. We certainly do love being home in our beloved bush veldt, and with the abundance of grass, birds, crickets, animals and of course all of the other aspects of life IN THE BUSH - homecoming is always a special feeling. We have had such lovely rain!
YES we had a GOOD trip over and it certainly felt like a whirl-wind at times. We were very blessed to have only one affected flight from the cold, ice and snow... which I think was a miracle considering what some folks experienced!  Our time in Atlanta was very fruitful, and we loved getting out to Burnt Pine! Thank you SO MUCH Chuck and Jean for your hospitality, and to your entire team. What a special place you have there.
Our time in Nashville was VERY interesting. WOW - the cattle industry in the USA is a completely different "ball game" to what we have going here. We learnt so much. We made some incredible connections, and we are excited to put together our Student Study Abroad program. Watch this space!
As always our time in Charleston was special. Ted and Rosemary - thank you and thank you again. So many folks to thank - each one of you so close to our hearts. What a joy to hold and love on little Olivia Bonham! Congratulations. What a cherished moment.  Yes, several of our meetings were affected by the weather, but considering the conditions, we were amazed that SEWE had the turn out that it did! Well done to all of you who braved the weather!
Michigan was quite an experience... in all of the years I have been travelling there, I have never seen the snow and ice that I saw this time.  I walked on water!!!  Okay... so it didn't require the "Peter" kind of faith, but what a thrilling experience. Thank you again Mark and Gayle, for your incredible hospitality.  Seeing all of our friends at the banquet is always a joy. We are looking forward to having you with us again soon Terry and Jo... April will be here before you know it!
I'll post a few pictures as soon as I get them loaded!  Great, big, warm hugs to you all.

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