Friday, March 21, 2014

MHS MOOPOO and Interhigh Athletics :)

John-D going through the MOOPOO.....
Yes, It is filthy water... complete with LOTS of poo from the MHS "moos" on site!  One of the initiation traditions at Merensky High School.  All newcomers to the school (young and old alike) have to go through the pool of mud and cow dung as part of being baptised as "True Blue Blood Plasies".  All of the helping hands are ready to dunk those who do not sufficiently immerse themselves in the water!  Luckily John-D is no stranger to muddy farm water, or cow dung, so he didn't waste time diving right in!
 After the grade 8 newcomers finish the school concert for all of the new parents, they have a ceremony where they are given their certificates recognizing them as True Plasies, and they each have to ring the COW BELL.
 Micaela placed 3rd in the 100m hurdles, and 2nd in the 100m sprints. Both of these events were in the drizzle.
 Sadly the heavy rains set in and the rest of the events had to be cancelled.

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