Monday, April 14, 2014

Field Hockey, and the MHS Valentine Ball photos

The winter sports have started at Merensky, and both Micaela and JohnD are in field hockey teams. JohnD played his very first game on Saturday, and their team did well considering they are all fairly green to the sport. JohnD plays left link, so it's LOTS of running. Micaela also plays Link too.  I thoroughly enjoy standing next to the field and shouting for their team.
We loved the company of the van der Gryp and the Dyason families over the weekend too, and celebrated Saartjie's birthday all together.  It's been quite a number of years since we all got together. Silly really, as we all live relatively close, but our busy schedules seldom have time.
The repainting of Micaela's room is almost finished, and I am getting quite good at it all! I'm rather tired of the smell though.  She certainly is excited to have it all fresh. I somehow think it won't be long and JohnD is going to want the same!
Camo is completely healed up thankfully.  With winter approaching, we have not clipped all of his fur again. My goodness - in our bush his fur is like Velcro!  Shame, it's not fun for him getting combed every night, but he is learning that it's to his benefit.
We finally got the photos of the kids from Valentine's Ball...
 JohnD with Alicia.
 Micaela and Alicia
 My two treasures!
Micaela with Kegan
As always, it's good to have the cattle all in the craal... the incredible rains and abundant grass has them all in just BEAUTIFUL condition.

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