Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey ho!  What a way to go.... YES :) I am actually making slow  S L O W progress on getting our website up to date. 
Suggestions are welcome (within reason!)... I am VERY technologically challenged!
I have got LOTS that I still need to do, and photos that I want to add, but at least my contacts are finally showing!  I had saved it as a page, but somehow no matter what I did - that page didn't want to show! I have no clue how to change the banner and put our logo there, but I will figure it out.

We are loving having the kids home! Micaela is re-decorating her room. What a MAMMOTH (complete with all of the wool!) job it is.

We just had Carl and Karl Landauer hunt with us this weekend, and JohnD certainly did us proud!  My goodness me, I don't know who wore who out! Needless to say, he has been pretty tired most of today.

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