Thursday, August 7, 2014

June and July Hunting Highlights

Oh boy oh boy !!!  8 Safaris since I last wrote.  LOTS of special memories and treasured new friendships formed.  Each and every group leaves a little of themselves with us, and we sure do hope that they take a little of us with them too!
We have Wikus Bezuidenhout helping out now, as it has been hectic going for Ken to continue on his own. He has been hunting non-stop since March, and so much of the farm work has just got behind.
We loved having Brian and Dannette back with us, and Brian harvested one of our mature buffalo bulls during his hunt.  Both Ken and Brian were dreaming buffalo by the end of the hunt!
We had the joy of some of our local friends and family visit and hunt too, keeping us all out of mischief every single day.
Micaela managed to squeeze in a camping weekend with her friends too, during the school holidays.
Both she and JohnD helped with catering and hunting during the holidays, and were such stars! I so miss them when they are away at school.  They sure do help a LOT when they are home.
Kenny and Beverly Cole together with Bill and Angie Jordan also enjoyed a wonderful BOW hunt, with Kenny successfully bagging (among many other wonderful trophies) - one of our buffalo bulls with his bow on the last day, making a perfect heart shot. So much excitement, and LOTS of wonderful memories. Beverly also did some hunting too.  We have a freezer full of BUFFALO meat! My very first attempt to braai some of the rump was a bit of a disaster. The sausage certainly is good. THANKS KENNY! :)
The Applegate Family enjoyed a photo safari here, followed by time in Kruger and Thornybush. So many stories, shared laughter, and LOTS of photos. I believe I have permanently corrupted their UNO GAMES from now on!  I had the joy of taking them into Kruger National Park this time, as we had a new hunter (Mr Robert Wayne) arriving the day before they were due to leave.   Robert and Wikus didn't waste any time, and managed to get all of their hunting over quite quickly, so they were also able to enjoy some time in Kruger Park too.
Robert was followed by Clemens and Maria Wouters from HOLLAND, who also felt like family to us all! We certainly are blessed to have so many special folks, contribute to our lives, our business, and our family. Thank you so much to each and every one of you.

Dad and Mom are keeping well, and Ken's sister Cathy is visiting.
The August winds have arrived, and Ken spent most of yesterday fighting a veld fire.
The Cattle are now in the spring breeding season.
We finally have Ken's camera back.
Penny is growing up so fast! Full of mischief and fun. Micaela has taught her to "high five", shake and "high ten"!
Camo has been "snipped".  He has had a rough month, with an injury to his neck and an abcess on his cheek.  Hopefully he is now on the mend.  Lady is still her loving, sweet self!
My office work is so far behind, and my desk a bit of a war zone!  My days roll by so fast with one meal melting into another...  Big hugs to each and every one of you - FROM THE BALLS IN THE BUSH!

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