Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Posting Pictures, Summer Sun and "What-a-lot-we-got"!

What-a-lot-we-got: New friends, Wonderful memories, Special trophies, and all of the catch-up too... farm work, office work, spring cleaning, building maintenance... okay I will stop. The list get's longer each time we review it! My golly gosh it never ends does it?
We said a sad goodbye to Rick just over a week ago. He was our closing hunt for the season, so it has been pretty quiet at the lodge. The storm of neglected farm work, and behind office work seems to be calming down a little, and we are starting to feel a little rested! We loved each and every one of our special guests this year, and really were blessed. Thank you to one and all!
I really don't know how to catch up the blog news - so I am going to just post a few pictures and add captions, as I think of the news!

 Dad helped me install a dishwasher at the lodge! :)
 We opened up all of our boundaries with a substantial fire break!

 Little Penny is growing up so fast! She is a busy little blessing!
 Penny keeping Micaela company while she was practicing her guitar.
 Thanks Uncle Rick for this very special hammock!  Talk about competition for time in it!
Micaela and JohnD did so well with the recent Tri-Tech competition at school and won best in their Environmental and Social Science category. Their project was called "Re Tired Tires".
Oh dear! This photo caused great hilarity with a joke Ken played on Micaela.... saying that our beloved CAMO had been arrested for breaking and entering.  I guess she was distracted (being on her first date) and she believed his story.  Truth be told, we have had so much difficulty with poachers, that when the dog unit came to lift the tracks of the poachers, CAMO would not stop bothering the police dog. So while their dog was working, CAMO got a little "time out" in the police van. Much to his disgust!

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