Monday, March 2, 2015

20th Anniversary of SEWE attendance

The months of January and February have flown past in a blur, and to be quite honest, I think that March will too!  I hope that this finds you and yours all well and happy?  We had a very good trip to the USA last month, spending some time in Atlanta area and Charleston.  What a blessing to be in a position to go over every year.
Yet again we are reminded of God's faithfulness.  20 years down the line, we see the fruit of consistently promoting and marketing to an area, and with all of the familiar faces that popped in to see us at our Booth over the SEWE weekend, we loved it!  The weather was cold, but it certainly didn't stop the many exhibition attendees from coming out to enjoy the show.  It makes me feel a little old now, to see so many folks who have now had children, or grandchildren, or are now getting married.  The personal connections and catching up on everyone's news is really awesome.
THANK YOU  for coming!
It is great to be home now too, and awesome to hear all of the children's news. Hockey season has now started, and so they are both kept out of mischief in the afternoons! Life continues at a hectic pace for them, and I find it hard to believe that Micaela only has 20 months left of high school!
Oom Lampies and Tannie Rhena van der Sitter, were here while we were away, and they were just fantastic. What a blessing to us to be able to leave home, knowing that there was someone here to help. Thank you so much!  Of course the dogs were excited to have us home, but I do think they will miss their new friends.
Dad and Mom are well, and have been kept pretty busy.  They are in great health, and are such a blessing to us.
Well, lots of followup correspondence needs to be done. I wish that I could find some office elves that could come in at night time and just DO all of the things that need to be done.  We have some guests coming in on Friday for the weekend, so will be off to a quick start!


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