Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Merensky First Team

Our Johnathan (he is in the middle in the photo below) made the Tennis First Team this year, and has been enjoying playing LOTS of tennis. 
They just had a tennis tournament at the end of the First Quarter, and despite bad weather, everyone enjoyed it very much.

He also occasionally helps with walking the school cattle (Pinzyls) for the First Team Rugby matches, when they have home games. 
 Hockey season has started, and that has also kept both Micaela and JohnD busy on most Saturdays. 
Ken and I spent a week in Zanzibar at the end of February. It was just lovely. Weather was perfect, water was warm, food was plentiful, and we had a great rest!
We came home from the USA to buffalo babies having been born in our absence, so great celebrations there!  We have had 7 babies this breeding season.

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