Friday, July 24, 2009

6th of 6 - VIDE

We nipped into town quickly this afternoon to have JohnD's blood drawn. It is safe for us to continue with the next session of VIDE. We will head back to Pretoria again on Tuesday the 28th, and will be away until the 31th of July.
Debbie Pedersen (our guests visiting from Grand Rapids) celebrated her 50th birthday with us today. It's wonderful to have a good excuse to bake a cake! ;) Her daughter Sara got a lovely Impala today.
It's turned cold again... brrr
Micaela & JohnD each have a friend visiting tonight, so everyone is happy! His little friend Maruits is turning 9 on Monday, so we need to celebrate his birthday here too - as JohnD couldn't go to his birthday party this afternoon.

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