Friday, July 10, 2009

Home again

Phew - those Pretoria road works are something else... thank goodness for good old "Sally"! Ken got us a GPS... she certainly knows her way around. I keep thinking of Charlie & Sheila Lord, who called their GPS "Fransoir"... Sheila vowed that Fransoir had earned a spot in her will - for all of the navigation arguments Fransoir had saved them!
JohnD pretty much goes into a kind of tunnel with his 4 day treatment, and just "zones out". He doesn't talk much, eats only a very small bowl of oats first thing in the morning. He drinks nothing, and vomits quite a bit. He watches tv, dvd's and sleeps. He doesn't have the energy to play games. I read to him quite a bit in the evening when he is just too low to even sit and watch tv anymore.
He has spent today in bed, and my guess is that by Sunday he will be up and about again, starting to eat little bland meals.
Thanks for your continued prayers and messages!

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