Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to school

Finally back into the routine of school. WONDERFUL!

The incredible power of games... a huge big thanks - yet again - to both the Sligar family, and the Kern family. The portable game toys that you gave have given me leverage! Quite amazing the motivating force. ;) Here is a picture of these two little monkeys of mine just cuddling down just this last cold, damp Saturday - indulging in these wonderful tools!
It took me quite some time to get the correct chargers for them, as our power is different from the USA - but they are making up for lost time!

Dad and Ben went up to Mapungubwe for the night. It's got to be warmer there than here!!! They will no doubt be home this afternoon with some stories.

I took a trip out to Venda with Ben to look for Janell's pots. We found some nice ones. I do love their big pots, and it's always so nerve racking driving home with them on the truck over those bad dirt roads.

Micaela had a nasty scrape on her leg last week Thursday with her horse charging off and running her into a post. She lost quite a bit of skin... It's finally healing nicely - but I guess she has had her first INCIDENT with her beloved horses.

We have the Pedersen family arriving tomorrow - so got lots of cleaning to do, menus, lists, and planning. I'll be in Pretoria again (if his bloods are up to it) from Tuesday, while they will be in Kruger.

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