Thursday, September 24, 2009

1st VAC treatment

Can hardly believe that it's back to Pretoria again tomorrow morning. It has been so wonderful having my parents here since Sunday afternoon. We have had such lovely quiet time together, and the kids have worn them out playing "Rummy", "Chase the Lady", and now we are playing "O-NO!" All card games that keep you on the edge of your chair! :)

Dad and Mum fly back to Austraila tomorrow evening. JohnD's VAC treatments are only 24 hours in hospital now, so it's down one day and back the next. He has been so well. We went for a walk yesterday afternoon, and he rode his bike the whole way. He has not had the strength to do that at all! His hair is also trying so hard to grow back now. I'm glad with the school holidays, Micaela is able to go with me this time.

Ken is still in Namibia with Rick. They are having a wonderful time. We are missing them! They will come home on Tuesday.

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