Tuesday, September 1, 2009

KNP Weekend away

Last year, when Walter and Barbara Bailey were with us, we took them to the Louis Trichardt "show". With our entrance tickets... we were fortunate enough to win a weekend in Kruger for four people. It was valid for a year, expiring the 31st of Aug. We had wondered if we may land up not being able to use it - with all of this year's unplanned events. Thank GOD - it worked out that we were able to go. After his op, JohnD really recovered quickly, and with the blood he received - his whole resistance and immunity has been so boosted! We took the opportunity and gapped it for the weekend. We had some lovely sightings. We stayed at the Mopani camp, and it really was just way too short! Kids loved the pool - as it was pretty warm!

This big jumbo has to be one of their "biggies"!
We head back to Pretoria for his first VAI treatment tomorrow... will be away till Friday. We have a total of 8 more treatments to do: 1 x VAI and 7 x VAC.

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