Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Bouncing Ball...

What a different child! This month's chemo was just two nights in hospital, and the same evening we got home - he ate a small bowl of Mielie Pap (Gritz), and has not thrown up once! He has his energy back, his mischief and most of all his motivation. We are just amazed and grateful for the incredible change in him. To our precious Heavenly Father - we give all of the thanks and praise. He really is MUCH MUCH BETTER! He even has gained one and a half kgs (about 3 pounds). He is sleeping well, and he even moved his room around this week. This is something he always used to do every two weeks - but has not done once this whole year.


As I'm sure you can imagine - it's going well with us all. Micaela and JohnD are both working hard in school. They have their school holiday break coming up soon, so they are working to finish their books.

The ranch is dry, but we have lots of grass. It's warmed up nicely, and we are all excited about the summer coming. Winter is pretty much over.

We have a young man helping here until the end of the year. His name is Helgard - he is Abraham and Ilse's nephew (from Tzaneen).
Ken leaves for Namibia on Monday and will be away for two weeks, hunting with Rick! :)
My folks come to visit for four days on the 20th of this month, and then will fly back to Australia on the 25th, when I take JD for his next chemo session.

I guess this bush bulliten is updated!!! :)

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