Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May, or may not? Yes, Definitely MAY!!!

Sun is out in bits and pieces here... lots of clouds around. Ken is on standby to do a game count, but the weather is not cooperating! Yes, we are still very dry. Yes, we are excited to see the miracle that will take place this year... only GOD can understand how the veldt and game will get through this all. Oh how we need his wisdom. Some say that it has not been this dry in 85 years. 
We had a lovely time with Terry and Jo, and the first morning out, he got his 500th animal in Africa... a bushpig! He didn't bring the rain as promised (like in previous years)... but I guess that would be a tall order. ;) It was so awesome meeting little Wynand Martin - and Jean has grown so much too. Why am I so useless at taking photos??? Hmmmmm
The camp has been busy with local business, but I have not been involved much. Trying desperately to play catchup with my office work. :( I'm not winning, and those of you who know me - can appreciate how desperate it makes me. I am a sore looser in any "game"... by golly where do the days go to?
Tomorrow Carol / Mom, JohnD and I head down to Pretoria for the day only. Mom has her checkup appointment with her surgeon, and JohnD has his 6month check up with his Dr. We will be gone the whole day, and I am looking forward to all of their good news!
Tomorrow we also have the arrival of some new and special folks - our next guests.  Gabie Ingraham, his wife Andrea, who are travelling with Kay Falls. :) These are all folks who have not come to Africa before, so we are looking forward to sharing our home and beloved bush with them!
Other little snippets of news : the cows are doing well, and we have had a few new little ones born lately, but not many.  The development of the Wegkruip side back into a "Cattle Farm" is going ahead full steam, and keeping Ken busy!
Micaela's first quarter report was overwhelmingly good, and we are so proud of her! She is still loving it all, and facing all of her challenges head on and learning lots!
I'm loving my new workout program that Rick got me hooked onto 'CROSSFIT', and I try to keep up with the workouts that they post on the internet. I've seen amazing progress in my own ability in such a short period of time, and I'm working in improving my strength! THANK YOU RICK!!!!
Well, I hope that this finds you HAPPY, and making a point to enjoy each and every challenge that faces you today.  If you don't find a way to enjoy it, then go back and find where you lost your joy - pick it up with both hands, and don't let it get stollen from you again!
Love Jo xxx

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