Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Champ - our Champion!

Please say a prayer for our little tripod... he is quite under the weather at the moment, and we have been very worried about him.  We had him at the vet yet again. He has been so dizzy, and off his food. He is running a little fever too, and we hope that he will perk up soon! 
It's pretty "dadgum" cold here, and for those of you up in the northern parts - yes 8 deg C is very cold for us!  Winter has certainly moved in, and we do wonder if this means that the rain possibilities have now departed.  I know miracles still happen today, and there is no greater space for a miracle - than in the face of impossible circumstances! ;)
We had such a special time with Gabie & Andy Ingraham, and Kay Falls! My oh my - what a week. We had Erin visit Limpopo Province (she is the lead actress in the movie FIREPROOF) and she came to speak at our church! We all went on Saturday night, and Sunday morning. What a blessing... and what a joy to see so many folks commit themselves to HIM. I managed to get this snapshot of us with her. What a special Lady!

Here is also the long awaited picture of little Wynandt Martin, Nicol and Karia's youngest son. Sorry that this has taken me so long!
Mom is doing well, and actually doing quite a bit without her crutches now. She is amazing! 
The cattle are keeping Ken busy, and we are in the process of selling our commecial herd.  Our first and very special  bull ABRAHAM, whom many of you knew, was sold this week! :(  So sad for us all. He served us very well.  We had him for about 6 years.  He certainly sired a lot of female calves for us!
Not much other news to report... hope this finds you all well!
Hugs from us in the bush :)

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