Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spiral Horns and Sunny days

Hello there - I just have to share this with you! JohnD went entirely on his own, and made such a great shot on this beautiful Kudu Bull - we are all so proud of him!  And yes!!!!! Champ is doing so much better. You can see him in this picture too. He is slowly gaining weight, and really has got his bounce back, and his wag too! His coat is shiny again, and he is a happy dog!  Lady is convinced that I put different food in his plate every meal time, so we do laugh at the two of them eyeballing eachother's bowls!
It's awesome having Ben here again - third time :) He is here with us for just a week. So exciting to see his full program - He is going to have a blast! He is doing a 22 day Eco Life Program, and will be travelling quite a bit around Limpopo.  He managed to get this really beautiful Nyala on Monday, so that was an answer to prayer.  They can sometimes be a bit tricky!

Micaela is in the middle of exams. They have another two weeks of school, then they break for the July holidays! :)  They have worked very hard!
JohnD is getting very excited, he plans to ride in the Kremetart Cycling Race this weekend. He wants to do the 30km mountain bike race... but I really think it is will be too much for him!  We currently are "locking heads" over it.... but I have a feeling i'm gonna win this one! He has only had his bike (THANK YOU AGAIN ILSE!!!) for about a month, so he is not fit enough to do such a challenging race.

Big hugs to you all!!!!! :) Winter is here, it's cold and sunny. Clear skys, and very crisp mornings. We have a full camp with all of the cyclists this weekend, and then we are excited to welcome Mike and Betsy here from Charleston.

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