Monday, June 11, 2012

30km Mt Bike race : SOUTPANSBERG!

I don't know who was more surprised... us or JohnD! He completed the 30km Mt bike race on Sunday morning, coming in around quarter to 12. 3 hrs + 45 mins later. It was freezing cold, and a very tough and tactical race. We are delighted that he did so well.  He is so sweet, and didn't even once say "Mom I told you so!!"  He certainly seems to have been bitten by the bike bug, and I somehow don't think this will be his last race!  WELL DONE MY BOY!
So sad saying by to Ben yesterday too.  He is now off for the start of his Eco Life Adventure.  Sorry for the dark / poor quality pictures - they are from my phone!
Mike and Betsy Carroll arrived yesterday too, and he started hunting this morning.  They had some great sightings in Thornybush, and from us they head off to Mozambique for five days... Vic Falls for two days... then Cape Town for another five days... :D 
Winter is here... brrrrrr  with about five layers of clothes on - thank goodness for the sunny days!

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  1. love love LOVE reading all of this.
    i must try and do a blog too.
    love you SO much, and well done JohnD!
    Claire x