Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kirk Shields and Milt Stratos

It is with great excitement that we welcomed Kirk and Milt the South!  Yes our hunting season has officially opened, and we have been very blessed with sunny and cool days. Very little rain, and some successful hunting!  Sadly with John-D away at High School, Ken does not have as much help as he had become accustomed to.
Little Camo took a turn for the worst, and came down with billary (tick bite fever) the same day they arrived, so he had to spend a night at the local vet. He took it easy a few days, and was able to go with Ken today. It will be a while before he is back in top form, as he also has glandular fever that he is recovering from. Shame!  Our Loving Lady continues to be her gentle, wonderful, sweetiepie!
Micaela and John-D are in the middle of their first quarter exams. They will break for a short 10 day school holiday on the 28th. Yippie! :)

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