Monday, June 15, 2015


HELLO THERE... Ya'll still even checking? Forgive me... I really cannot believe that the last post was March! Thanks Terry :) need folks like you.
We have David Hendrix here again for two months ;)  so he has been awesome to have as a helping hand around.  CAN TOTALLY understand how come you need him Marilyn!  He has saved me and mom with our grumbles on these computers... I wish I could keep him in my pocket!  I really thought technology advances made were supposed to make our lives easier and not more complicated!
We were delighted to have Terry and Jo back again for their season opener hunt in March. This was their 10th Management hunt with us, and what a pleasure they are to host.  They were followed by Hendrik's annual hunt with us too, and we managed to squeeze 17 folks in... - or should i say THEY somehow all squeezed in!
We were also excited to welcome Chuck and Jean back again for a quick visit, with Digby. :)
More recently, what a joy to have Ted and Rosemary back with us, together with Harry and Mary.
There really is something so special about introducing someone to Africa... I do think that we might just have another couple who have in-inadvertently picked up the "African Bug".

 This is one of Uncle Ted's photos taken in Kruger!  What a magical moment.
Here is Harry with his first African Trophy!

We are very much looking forward to the return of the Foster family, followed by Craig Smith. Thank you LORD for your many blessings, not the least of which are special folks who have been such a joy to host over the years!
We have had less than our usual rain fall, so it has been dry early.  Our winter was lazy rolling in, so I still have not officially switched wardrobes.  The days are lovely warm and sunny, but the nights sure are chilly.
We have also welcomed 9 beautiful little winter Nguni calves so far.
We are also very blessed to have our van, which has been a tremendous blessing. We have been using it Monday's and Friday's since March, for a school bus service for about 7 kids including our two.
The kids are busy with their mid year exams, and in two weeks they will close for the winter holidays. 
Dad and Mom are well! They celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary at the end of May, and Dad celebrated his 77th birthday.  I sure hope my man ages well like his Dad! ;)
Can you believe that after living here 23 years, we have (shame on us!) finally painted our roof and the outside of our home.  I switched our office with JohnD's room, so he has been moved back to the front of the house again.  Still need to order some curtains for his room, but we have made some progress.
Big hugs to you all!

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