Monday, September 7, 2015

Fosters Family Fun and Live Feed Videostreaming !!!

What a joy to have the Foster family with us yet again.  Can you believe it, we have yet another new record! :) This brand new young hunter, is our youngest, young lady to have shot a warthog and an impala. She made absolutely outstanding shots on both of her trophies, and we are ALL so proud of her!
We enjoyed two nights in Kruger too, and were really blessed with so many wonderful sightings. Our planned hot air balloon ride was cancelled due to unsafe winds for the day we had planned... so there is at least that to come back for next time!

We have Mr Craig Smith with us again, and by golly gosh he has been hunting hard!  His and JohnD's time in the field has paid off with a total head / bag count so far of 14 and we are not even done hunting!

We are busy working on upgrading our website at the moment.  My niece Kirsten, is visiting here for a month, and it is just awesome to have someone so talented to help with with this daunting task.  We have lots of neat ideas, and so many incredible pictures that i want to include..... watch this space! She is hopefully going to convert me into a "social media" junkie too... we shall see about that. I have my doubts! ;P

We have been SUPER BUSY with an IT company from Louis Trichardt, who is getting us set up for livestream video feed right in the office here, as well as at the Lodge.  There are currently 7 of our waterholes that have cameras set up and it is unbelieveable what we are picking up on these cameras.

Once our new website is set up, we hope to be able to offer you a live feed link to what is happening here!!!  Now that is pretty awesome news hey?

Big hugs, gotta RUN! Love from the Balls

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