Monday, December 28, 2015

What's been happening in the bush?

In June we enjoyed the return of our local group of hunters who Hendrik van Sitter always brings, and we had the delight of having some real young hunters in the Group.  JohnD was in his element!

Here is young Pieter Hendriks age 7, with his Blesbuck.  He is the youngest Blesbuck Hunter we have had the privilege of guiding. J  His other claim to fame is his title as 3rd place winner in the 2014 US Kids Golf World Championship.
Here is young Charl Horn with his Blesbuck, also taken the same weekend.
Here is our little nephew Blaine Neaves, with Ken's cousin David Neaves.  What big smiles, and lots of excitement!
Here is Elaine with her lovely Impala taken the same weekend.
This is Nico and Pieter Hendriks with his impala taken now during December. I can't figure out whose smile is bigger! 
While the Fosters were with us, young Bennet decided she would also like to hunt, and she is officially our youngest lady pig hunter we have had!
Rhyanne also did some hunting like usual, bagging some nice trophies.

We spent some time in Kruger, and had planned on a hot air balloon ride, but with bad weather moving in at the critical time, that had to be postponed sadly.
A little time was spent up in the Zoutpansburg Mountains too. 
Bushmen paintings in one of the Goro Game Reserve caves.