Monday, December 28, 2015

Australia Ferrar Family Reunion

Ken absolutely spoilt me and left me speechless when he insisted on my taking time to go to Australia to see my family. My eldest sister from Zimbabwe, Jenny, was able to join me, (thank you so much Derek!) so the two of us flew to Sydney to spend 2 weeks with my middle sister Claire and her family, and our parents. 
It’s been 2 and a half years since my parent’s last visit here in Africa, and with their current Visa Application process still pending, they are unable to leave Australia.
I was blessed beyond words to have catch-up-time with my dearest friend, Elizabeth! :) You Angel! Thank you so much for coming all of the way, and making time to come and visit.
It was just so special to all be together again, thank you so much for having us Pete!!!  It went by so fast, and we certainly loved being there for both Ben and Annabel’s birthdays.
From left to right at the back is John, Ben, Daddy, Pete. Middle row is Mom, Jenny, Myself and Claire. Front are Zara and Annabel.

Having not planned this trip to Australia ahead of time, I had very little time to acquire an Australian Visa.  On realizing that my online application was going absolutely nowhere, we began to panic. God did a real Miracle for me. Using my British heritage I was able to get an immediate online Australian Visa, the morning of my departure.  Yes, my nerves were a little frayed, but oh the joy of knowing that I would be able to go!  My visa in my South African passport was issued two weeks after my return to South Africa!  Fortunately it is valid for a year, so hopefully it will not go to waste! 

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