Monday, December 28, 2015

Darting Buffalo and Nyala

With Micaela’s sights on vetinary school, she spent a week with Wighardt and their vet Rita.  They were quite busy with darting Nyala, both for medical treatment as well as relocation.  They also worked on one of our buffalo here.  

We have yet another USA Visa application successful with us being granted 10 year multiple entry visas.  I do wish that this was an online process too, as the trip to the embassy in Pretoria is never convenient!

The very old farm isuzu pickup truck that Ken and I used to go on honeymoon in, was finally sold and we were blessed to get a new Mahindra pickup for Ken.  It’s a bit of a workhorse, and nothing glammerous, but hopefully the vehicle repairs and maintenance bill will be reduced!  Camo has decided that it is HIS truck, and is on constant alert for it’s departure.  He severely dislikes the fact that it does not have an open window to the back, as he does love to jump between the back and the front of the pickup.  At least he has finally stopped hitting his head on the glass! :D

With more time at home, Micaela has been having some creative fun in our garden, and currently the nesting of the masked weavers in our fig trees, it makes our garden quite an entertaining place to sit.
Finally, we have been blessed with some really lovely rains, and the green lush wonder of the bushveld has returned.  Along with the birth of all of the young impala, wildebeest, hartebeest, blesbuck, and the many other game animals, we have been enjoying the births of all of the Nguni Cattle!  These little additions to our herd are a constant source of joy, and spending time in the kraal watching them play, is always a wonderful pastime!
As always, this time of the year everyone is looking for meat for their families, both for our staff as well others.  JohnD and Micaela have been able to do a fair bit of hunting, which they always enjoy! 
We want to take the time to wish each and every one of you a very blessed Christmas, and a 2016 that is filled with God’s provision, God’s protection, God’s peace, as well as His Joy!  For the Joy of the Lord is our Strength!

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