Monday, December 28, 2015

Family time is soul food!

My cousin Denise and her family from Scotland joined us for a week! 
 Young Vaughn was David’s shadow!
We really cannot underestimate the impact of allowing children the privilege of exposure and time in the bush. Naturally time behind a .22 rifle is also highly beneficial. J  I think young Vaughn must have spent about 500 rounds, and it really wasn’t enough! 
Denise had lots of fun with the giraffe.  How many hundred pictures were there DD?

 Micaela has also been doing a little hunting for the pot! :)
Our Micaela was chosen as both a School and a Hostel Prefect at Merensky High School.   With her sights on veterinary school, she declined selection of school prefect, and has opted to only take up the Hostel Prefect responsibilities, as this will give her more study time.  Above she is performing at the annual Merensky Popups.
JohnD won himself R50 and first place in the dance category at the Merensky POP UPS with his and Rentia’s dance. 
David headed home in early August, and we are sure he was glad to be back with his family, and get back into the swing of things at University.  I know we have already missed having him around. He managed to get some nice trophies while he was here too! 
Don’t quite know what got into us, or should I say ME…. But I just found the energy to paint the outside of our home. Can you believe that we have been living here for 23 years, and we have white-washed the outside a few times, but we have never painted.  Now I know that there are many theories about using PVA paint over white wash and I’m sure I possibly broke all of the “NEVER” rules…. But I sure am glad that we did it. A change is as good as a holiday! J  Just LOVE our little old home in the bush!
And with all of the activity and improvement, while Micaela and JohnD were at school one week, we moved the office and JohnD’s room around, so he now enjoys a bedroom with only one door and three windows – with the best view in the house… and we have an office with one window and three doors!  Real thoroughfare, but it’s working better.  The best "up side" is that I can close the door on my teenage son’s room, and not even think about what’s going on in there!

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