Monday, December 28, 2015

Shi-awela Hunting

What a  joy to host Will and Lynn Paulsen for a week, with time in Kruger National Park, that I had the rare privilege of enjoying too!

Jim and Terry Beach from Charleston joined us again for their 2nd safari, and that was a lot of fun again! J  They also got to spend some time in the Kruger National Park, and up close to the Limpopo River for Eland.  
Wighardt helped us out on this hunt, and they bagged some beautiful trophies!
Camo was on duty like always, but was seldom needed, as Wighardt brought his pointer Jessy to help out.
 Our local resident Duiker at Shi-awela.
 Buffalo in Kruger National Park.

Our Lodge kitchen has got a new “pre-loved” fridge, thanks Cathy!  With Cathy moving back to the farm to stay with Dad and Mom, her fridge is a very WELCOME addition to my kitchen there!  Micaela has the joy of her microwave and blender at Merensky, as with her now being a Hostel Prefect, she has her own room, and has the space for it!

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