Monday, December 28, 2015


We had yet another successful Game Capture, despite conditions so very dry, it all went smoothly.  We were abundantly blessed with early rains, and this gave immediate relief to us all, with not only temperatures dropping, but also the fire risk decreasing.   

We have also added another 3 Sable to our little nucleus here at the lodge. While I was in Australia, Wighardt also off loaded another 2 Sable to join the others in our growing herd, and early December he delivered another one. So, we are now up to 8 Sable in total.
Mom was able to go to England to see her sister Georgie, which was a big blessing to everyone.  It’s been many years since they have been together.
Mom's birthday lunch.

Johnd’s grade 9 drama team won diamond in the Eisteddfods.  It is fun to watch them all operating out of their usual character, and JohnD certainly has enjoyed the challenges of taking on different characters!  With both Carol and Anne’s (his Grandma and his Gunna) passion for the stage and acting, it’s great to have the interest in it continue.

Kirsten’s (Cathy's daughter) visit was another delight to us all, and was just way too short.  We tried to tackle completely re-doing our website, and got about a quarter of the work done. So that is next on my list of priorities.

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