Monday, December 28, 2015

Micaela's 18th Birthday, Johnathan's last Oncology Appointment

Our beloved darling daughter celebrated her 18th birthday in our usual farm style, by having some of her close friends to visit for two nights.  We were blessed with lovely weather, and the annual bonfires were fun like usual!

Both she and JohnD continue to make us so proud with their really wonderful school reports, and all of Micaela’s hard work paid off with her final average being her highest yet!
Micaela, Mom and I went to the Merensky Mother Daughter Day this year.   
Johnathan Ball (in the middle)Tennis award 
On another note.....  Ken’s appointment with a local audiologist has confirmed what we have been struggling with for some time.  He needs hearing aids.  So he has been fitted with very small and incredibly smart little devices, that have given back to him sounds that he completely forgot existed!  It took about two weeks for him to get used to having these things inside his ears, but we are all so proud of him for persevering.  The bird songs, the crickets, the sound of tires on the dirt road…. And yes even the sound of bubbles (from diving into the reservoir on a hot day, having forgotten to take them out!!!) are all “new” to him. Best of all, he can hear us when we speak!
In November, I got a call from JohnD’s Oncology department Sister, to let us know that our beloved Dr de Jager is going to be retiring in January.  Our next scheduled appointment to see him would only have been in April of next year, but we decided that we wanted to head back to Pretoria again to go and bid him farewell and to thank him again for his incredible gift to us.  He gave JohnD a very thorough medical examination.  We are so very blessed to let the world know that our JohnD does not require any further follow-up appointments, and Dr de Jager was happy to say that we can classify JohnD as cured.  His files will remain in the Oncology department archives, should any future enquiry need to be made, but we can close this chapter in our lives!  God is merciful, faithful, and He is GOOD!  All honour and praise to HIM.

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